Model Inquiry

Aska is very particular about the women and men he decides to work with.
Any woman or man interested in working with him must:

•be willing and able to do anything you have already seen in his work.
•not be afraid to get bruised, scraped, wet or dirty in that process.
•understand that Aska is a very demanding artist, and must remain this way in order to achieve the work that he produces.
•understand that Aska does not offer or/and get any financial compensations for his work engaged with institutional arts councils and other funding councils.
•understand that Aska will have full usage rights to the art he creates with you.

If you are in compliance with all of the above, then please email us the following:
•at least 5 clear, recently shot photos containing body shots and facial close ups.
•your current measurements.
•your current hair color, tattoos, piercings and body modifications.
•your location, email, and phone number.
•your availability.
•a small note about who you are any why you want to shoot with Aska.
•a list of your phobias and limitations.

*Therefore, for editorials and bands cover or private sessions and custom shooting, books cover etc etc, contact him: